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Consumer Loyalty…

Every customer has an economic value. Customers provide repeat business and cash flow. They are your best prospects for additional product and service sales, and they can provide you with positive references and referrals, which lowers the cost of acquiring new customers.

The loss of a customer is serious, and HERO$CARD WorldWide wants to help you get them back.

Here are some techniques:

1. Find Out Why They Left

It is important to understand what caused a customer to leave you. Sometimes you may know. Sometimes, customers don’t tell you. There is a statistic in the pre-social media world that said that as much as 62% will defect without advising the company why. So the first technique is to try to engage with former customers to find out why they left. This may take several forms

a. Customer Satisfaction Survey After A Transaction

Ask the customer about their satisfaction with a recent transaction, whether it is a recent purchase, or a support call, or a billing problem or even the way you market your product. Find out what caused the customer to be dissatisfied and how the problem impacts them. Use opened ended questions in the survey to allow the customer to express in their own words what went wrong. It may be something you never imagined. You may want to offer them a small gift just for filling in the survey.

b. Management Calls On Former Customers

Set up a process where the sale manager, support manager or service manager must make personal contact with the customer who has not come back.  The contact may be in person, on the phone or using other communication techniques such as Skype, Facetime, or Hangout where a visual contact is possible. Ask the customer about their experience with your organization, what they would recommend you change, what they recommend that you keep doing (the good things you do) and what they would like to see offered that you don’t offer today.

Good listening techniques are required to do this well. It is particularly important not to be defensive. Try to empathize with a customer. Often, just asking and taking a humble and genuine approach, will be enough to bring a customer back for another try. Let them know you want their business again and would welcome them at any future date.

c. Run a Focus Group of Lost Customers

Sometimes customers will open up with their real problems in a group setting and a market research professional. During a focus group, you and your management team sit behind a one way glass mirror and watch and listen to the ‘lost customers’ share their experiences. With a good leader, and like minded customers, the truth about what is really bothering them comes out, loud and clear.

d. Listen To Comments On Social Media

Very often customers are sharing with each other about your brand, company or service. Social Media is perfect for this research. Listen to what your customers say about you, both positive (things to keep doing) and negative (things you should try to stop doing)

e. Look For Common Customer Issues To Resolve

Are your customers telling you about the same problem, over and over again? Is there something you can do about it? Can you improve the quality of your product, its features, its services? Can you do something with the front line personnel to make them more effective?

2. Look for Opportunities to Engage

a. Announce New Customer Benefits Such As The HERO$CARD Loyalty Program, New Products, New Services, New Personnel

Use every opportunity to contact your former customers. Announce new benefits being offers such as the HERO$CARD loyalty program, new products, new services or that you have new management.

b. Offer An Incentive To Come Back

If your prices were too high, offer a discount.  A cosmetic dentist that we are currently working with has been hit hard by the downward turn of the economy.  They found that they had lost many patients because of lost jobs, lost dental insurance etc.  They have decided that mailing these lost customers a letter that incentivizes them inclusive of a HERO$CARD card is a step in a positive direction to aid in getting some of these clients back for much needed teeth cleaning or more.

c. Show Appreciation When They Return

If a lost customer returns, be sure to let them know that you are pleased they are giving you the opportunity to gain their business once again.  If they don’t already have one, give them a HERO$CARD card as a thank you gift so that they can save with other merchants.

d. Try to Show You Have Addressed Their Reason For Leaving

Send out a ‘We’ve been listening’ note to your lost customers. Tell them what you uncovered in your research. Advise them what you have done about it and what improvements they should notice.  Also point out, that HERO$CARD has a “rate” feature on its Marketplace.  Ask them to keep you informed of both the positive and negative feedback to help you maintain the type of customer satisfaction that will continue to earn you their business.

Case Study:

One of the companies I used to do business with sends me a card every year, with a nice rose and the saying “Somehow things didn’t work out between us”. Inside the card they offer a discount on my next order. It’s a nice touch but I have never returned. It is a lawn service company. They send this card too late every year. I already signed up with another provider. And they never understood that the reason I left is because I didn’t like their terms and conditions. So while the thought and the card are well done, the execution and result is poor.