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Its like having a credit card of great r

Its like having a credit card of great rewards, without the interest rates & fees. HERO$CARD means more $$ in your hands.

Millennials save $300 billion dollars ye

Millennials save $300 billion dollars yearly. With HERO$CARD, that number could grow even more.

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Join today!

Ever wonder just what HERO$CARD is capab

Ever wonder just what HERO$CARD is capable of doing for you?

Have you checked out our #Pinterest? htt

Have you checked out our #Pinterest?

HERO$CARD is different. And, in this eco

HERO$CARD is different. And, in this economy, isn’t that exactly what we need?

Customer Loyalty Program – Rewards Programs to Build Your Business

Customer Loyalty Program – Rewards Programs to Build Your Business

Customer loyalty is fundamental to any business strategy.

Loyal customers are not only a source of recurring revenue, but provide the framework for creating advocates who share positive experiences with others.

A well-designed customer loyalty program provides companies with a significant competitive edge and a strategic business tool for increasing revenue. It engages and rewards your best customers.

Customer loyalty programs that use Online Rewards benefit from their experience and expertise on best practices and industry standards. It ensures their program exceeds expectations.

Online Rewards provide a range of services covering the design, development and execution of private-labeled solutions. All programs are customized to your brand standards, loyalty program business rules, technology and data exchange processes.

The Online Rewards customer loyalty solution gives you:

  • Scalability
  • Custom business logic for point award processing
  • Tiered customer structures linked to customer value
  • Real time catalog API
  • Email and SMS messaging tools
  • Custom reward redemption catalogs (merchandise, travel, gift cards)
  • Comprehensive program management dashboards

The comprehensive reporting structure empowers you with information to understand and reward customer behavior. Combined with Online Rewards’ best practices, it will help you increase loyalty and positive behavior change.

The average American household belongs to 12 different loyalty programs. It is critical that your loyalty program is superior to your competition. Online Rewards provides the expertise, tools and data to help design, develop and implement a loyalty program that impacts behavior, differentiates and builds business value.

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